Panorama from the Farm

Our Alpacas

Our alpacas are mainly boys and we have about 40 of them. 8 are females. The older boys come from several excellent studs in NSW and were selected for their fine fleeces and calm temperament. Each animal has its own personality. Some are generally easy going like Solera; others are more inquisitive like Dante. Some think they are the centre of everything like Reuben. Others think they are stars like Hollywood. We love to see them interact, play, lounge in the sun and generally enjoy themselves. Once a year their beautiful fleeces are shorn off by a specialist alpaca shearer. After shearing, the animals run round with new found energy and spring about.


Byron Bay

Callum and Dorian

Chai takes his job of herd guarding very seriously.


Dante has an inquisitive nature.

Donnacha loves looking at the alpaca girls.

Druid Magic

Formula 1, first to checkout everything! Others follow.

Habibi seems to enjoy a good run.


Reuben thinks he is the centre of everything.

Solera's nature is easy going.

Andreas has gone to look after sheep.

Bacardi has gone to look after some sheep.

Eaton is now off minding goats.

Heatwave has gone to look after sheep.

Merlot is no longer but some of his lovely fleece is still available.

Sudoku is sadly no longer with us but some of his lovely fleece is still available

Tutu is no longer with us. A little of his fleece is still available.