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Rovings, Batts and Tops

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These lovely rovings, batts and tops are suitable for hand spinning. This fibre is beautiful, washed and carded. Occasionally there are smaller quantities of mill end-pieces, not quite enough to complete our standard ball, and would be a nice addition to your own carding mixtures. Grab them before I use them in my own projects!
Larger quantities have been specially selected for hand spinners. Have a look here, there are suri and huacaya, white and natural colours.
Beginner spinners should start with the medium to strong alpaca, working towards fine and superfine as skills improve.

If you are learning to use wool combs, have a look at our washed 2nd pass dehairer waste. This is normally not used in yarn but after combing to remove VM, it has the strength and lustre of longwool. It can then be hand spun and plied with strong wool such as romney or corriedale. At only $1 per bag, too, plus postage.

All colours shown are the natural colours of the fleece; we generally don't dye our alpaca although you can if you like. Just use a wool dye recipe and expect the colours to be a lighter shade compared with wool.

Did you know you can use stuffing for spinning? We have some nice washed alpaca stuffing at only $5.16 per 100g. To prepare it for spinning, it just needs to be opened a bit and carded, maybe combine it with another fibre and then spin it. It will add a fluffy texture to the yarn.

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